Creative Custom Packaging

Contact Packaging… From Concept to Completion

We offer state-of-the-art contract packaging solutions. Whether you are seeking turnkey solutions or our highly effective ‘concept-to-completion’ approach, we’re ready to design the exact process & program you need to get your product to market.  If you’re looking for a creative way to market your products, please contact us to start a conversation, schedule a meeting or arrange a tour of our facilities.

Variety Packaging

Whether you’re looking to introduce a diverse selection of product variations, highlight seasonal specials, or create enticing bundle options, our variety packing solution is designed to meet your unique needs. With this option, you can captivate your customers with an all-encompassing experience, allowing them to explore and enjoy a curated assortment of your offerings conveniently packaged together. Elevate your product presentation and cater to diverse preferences, all while maintaining the quality and appeal that define your brand.


We offer automated and manual re-packaging services. Whether you need to repack imported goods, replace old packaging with new packaging, re-labeling, inspection and sorting, we have the expertise to do it right the first time. You can count on us for quick turnaround and accurate re-packaging.

Registered Film Bundling

Transform your packaging process with our innovative registered film bundling services. Say goodbye to traditional boxes as we specialize in wrapping product packs with plain or printed film. This eco-friendly and efficient approach not only reduces packaging waste but also provides a sleek and modern presentation for your products. Whether you opt for a minimalist, transparent look or choose custom-printed designs to showcase your brand, our registered film bundling services offer a versatile solution tailored to your packaging needs.

Special Assembly

Whether bundling diverse products for a complementary set or assembling a customized assortment, our assembly services put you in control. This hands-on approach ensures that your brand’s identity and creative vision shine through, providing an exceptional and personalized product presentation that resonates with your target audience.